Chaise longues

Our ‘Regency’ range of chaise longues is influenced by the classic French style while the contemporary ‘Mode’ range represents an up to date twist for more modern living.

All can be made with right or left handed arms or without backs as well as made-to-measure. They can also be supplied using a wide variety of legs/feet in different finishes – please visit the Chaise Longue page for these options.


The origins of the chaise longue – or chaise lounge as they are increasingly referred to – are not entirely clear. Many people have the image of decadent Romans reclining on a type of chaise longue while being fed grapes by scantily-clad slaves! However it seems that the blend of chair and daybed first appeared in Egypt followed by depictions of Greek Gods lounging in them.

However our more typical image is of the classic French style which first appeared in the 16th century France. This design featured four or more legs and a back rest for reclining on the back rather than the side. These were principally used by women to rest during the day without having to go to their bedrooms. As time passed by more ornate designs appeared and they became status symbols made of expensive wood covered in luxurious fabrics with beautiful carving.

Chaise longues eventually made it to the USA in early-mid 18th Century and morphed into the modern-day deck chair. Ironically the term chaise lounge is widely used in the USA some believe that it was simply a typo from the Times newspaper in the early 1800’s!