Furniture Information

Chesterfield Furniture

Our range of Chesterfield furniture is made using robust modern components and can be tailored to whatever style or dimension you require.


All styles can be supplied in traditional antique ‘rub-off’ Chesterfield leather as standard. Colours include red, dark brown, tan, autumn tan, gold, dark or olive green, rust or light rust and dark blue. Non-standard variations include distressed grains in various colours, or almost any colour using more contemporary leathers or PVC for a fresher take on this design classic.


For those who prefer fabric Chesterfields, our whole range is available in any fabric of your choosing. These can include sumptuous cotton velvets to more contemporary faux suedes or wools. Please contact us for sample cuttings.

Aesthetic detailing

  • All models are available with or without buttoning.
  • The number of seat cushions is also ‘variable’ and you can also choose from a plain or buttoned fixed seat.
  • We can also replace metal studs on the arm facings with piping – self coloured or contrasting – if required.
  • If you would like to include a sofabed on some models. Please ask for details.

Please note that prices quoted for each model here and in the price list accompanying our brochure are using antique ‘rub-off’ leather or 100% cotton pile velvet. For prices using any other covering you should contact us for a quotation.


History of the Chesterfield sofa
Chesterfield furniture is certainly iconic, evoking classic images of British gentry relaxing back at their club swigging armagnac and smoking cigars. Over the last couple of centuries the Chesterfield sofa has come to embody all manner of things to different people. The Victorians considered the Chesterfield sofa to be a fundamental component in drawing rooms where gentlemen relaxed while their wives sat in chairs embroidering a kneeler for the church pew. These days you are more likely to find yourself seated in a suitably battered leather Chesterfield sofa in a gastropub.

The Chesterfield sofa has a somewhat ambiguous history but is widely thought to have been commissioned by, and subsequently named after, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, in the mid-18th century. When the Earl instructed a cabinetmaker to produce a piece of furniture that would allow him to sit upright in the greatest comfort, so was the Chesterfield sofa conceived with its distinctive deep buttoned upholstery, roll-top arms, uniform back and arm height and “studwork”.

Others believe that the Chesterfield sofa was simply named after the town in Derbyshire whereas in Canada the term Chesterfield is used simply to describe a sofa of any style. Whatever its origins, the Chesterfield Sofa has its own unique niche in the evolution of the sofa and has now evolved into perhaps the most symbolic piece of furniture in the world. Unlike perhaps any other furniture style, Chesterfield sofas can be found the world over in all types and colours of leather, fabric or PVC, covered in all manner of studding, with or without buttoning. So, although the fourth Earl of Chesterfield may have been notable as something of a trendsetter in his day, it is doubtful he could have imagined his sofa as his legacy – a legacy used by millions of people every day all over the planet.

On a lighter note, in an era where branding is king and a snappy name is vital, how would the Chesterfield sofa have evolved had it been commissioned by the Earl of Upnor?!

Chaise Longues

Our ‘Regency’ range of chaise longues is influenced by the classic French style while the contemporary ‘Mode’ range represents an up to date twist for more modern living.

All models can be

  • made with right or left handed arms.
  • made without backs.
  • made-to-measure.
  • supplied using a wide variety of legs/feet in different finishes – please view the various galleries or contact us for these options.

History of the Chaise Longue

The origins of the chaise longue – or chaise lounge as they are increasingly referred to – are not entirely clear. Many people have the image of decadent Romans reclining on a type of chaise longue while being fed grapes by scantily-clad slaves! However it seems that the blend of chair and daybed first appeared in Egypt followed by depictions of Greek Gods lounging in them.

However our more typical image is of the classic French style which first appeared in the 16th century France. This design featured four or more legs and a back rest for reclining on the back rather than the side. These were principally used by women to rest during the day without having to go to their bedrooms. As time passed by more ornate designs appeared and they became status symbols made of expensive wood covered in luxurious fabrics with beautiful carving.

Chaise longues eventually made it to the USA in early-mid 18th Century and morphed into the modern-day deck chair. Ironically the term chaise lounge is widely used in the USA some believe that it was simply a typo from the Times newspaper in the early 1800’s!

Corner Sofas

Whether you want to make the most of your seating space or simply stretch out without any obstructions – a corner sofa fits the bill.

The Handmade Sofa Company can supply a wide range of standard and made-to-measure sizes using almost all of our designs. Be it for a straightforward corner area in the living room or a ‘U’ shaped arrangement in your home cinema, we can supply a corner sofa to suit your specific requirements in your choice of leather or fabric.

Please bear the following in mind:

  • All corner groups can be configured to the right or left.
  • Curved or angled corner units also available on request.
  • A fold-away bed can be included on sofas with a leg height measuring no more than 3”/7.5cms.
  • All units can be supplied with a standard depth of 92cms for a more upright seating position or 99cms for those people who like to slouch a bit more or simply have longer legs. Other depth measurements are also available on request.
  • All seating sections can be supplied without arms if required.
  • We are able to produce corner configurations in modular sections where necessary.

The stated dimensions used here on the website and in the price list accompanying our brochure are based on the Huxley/Chandler ranges. You should be aware that dimensions will vary slightly according to the size of arm on the style you choose. Please contact to clarify what these may be if space is a major concern.


Most of our range can be made as a sofabed. Wherever possible we use high quality 2 fold bed mechanisms which include a sprung mattress. Owing to their unique frame construction we are only able to accommodate 3 fold mechanisms in our Chesterfield models. Due to the flexibility required these mechanisms necessitate a foam mattress.

There are a few considerations to bear in mind when selecting a model as a sofabed:

To avoid the bed mechanism being visible on the underside of the sofa, furniture models with shorter legs are recommended. A model with taller legs can be used but the front border below the seat requires modification to utilise a shorter leg. This particular issue cannot be avoided as the bed mechanisms are all standard and therefore the legs unfold to a standard height which necessitates fitting them to a predetermined position within the sofa frame.

We don’t recommend the use of these due to the considerable extra weight a bed mechanism adds to the sofa.

Sprung/buttoned seats
These cannot accommodate a bed mechanism.

Chaise longues/Chaise sofa range
These are unsuitable as sofabeds.