Conversion Chart

We use Width measurement first for the longest part of the item, for instance, the front edge of a sofa, followed by the Height to the top of the back cushions; finally, the Depth, being the measurement from the front edge to the back edge.

Conversion table

1cm= 0.4in 1″ = 2.54cm
5cm = 2in 6″ = 15.2cm
25cm = 9.8in 1′ = 30.5cm
50cm = 19.7in 2′ = 61cm
100cm = 39.4in 3′ = 91.4cm
1.25m = 49.2in 4′ = 1.22m
1.5m = 59.0in 5′ = 1.52m
2m = 78.8in 6′ = 1.829m


We have always believed that buying a sofa should be all about choice and not compromise. That is why every aspect of our sofas, whether it is the design, covering, dimensions, cushion filling or even the stitching can be modified.