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It’s a common misconception that a small room can only house small furnishings. In fact, the best solution is usually to go big – in terms of multitasking ability.

A corner sofa is not just a big couch. In rooms where useable space is at a premium, the right corner sofa arrangement can maximise seating whilst leaving minimal dead space. There’s the extra seat in the corner where you usually just the arm of a traditional sofa, plus another one (or two or three) seats along the wall.

In rooms where the layout is difficult – usually due to windows, doorways and radiators – a corner suite can make the most the wall space that is useable, meaning you only need to fit in one sofa, instead of two or three different pieces of seating. Plus it becomes much less visually cluttered – a sleek, clean corner sofa in one corner of the room versus the traditional three piece suite or sofa and odd chairs. Less clutter, less legs!

If the room has an awkward alcove, a small corner sofa with three seats can fit into it perfectly, whereas a traditional layout might have to resort to a small two seater or a single chair. You can even add a modular piece to the room and create a U-shaped seating arrangement in a room that is very narrow and hard to furnish. Plus small rooms tend to come with small houses and no other sofa fits through small doorways and halls than a modular piece – this also means you can take it with you when you move, or rearrange its layout if you want to change the room around, without struggling for space.

And of course, if the room seems to be proving impossible to furnish, we can design a corner sofa that will maximise your space and fit in with your style. What more could a small room want?

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