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Corner sofas are great. There. Sometimes people worry that such a large piece of furniture dominating a room will be too much, but corner sofas are actually sleekly-disguised multitasks that work much harder than your average seating arrangement to convert a room from living space to a comfortable, attractive place to be.

If you have an open plan layout, then a corner sofa is a great way to section off, say, a lounge form a dining room, or a dining room from a kitchen area. They create a natural barrier that doesn’t interrupt the eye – because it’s low – but also doesn’t look ‘plonked’ in the middle of the room, as the section against the wall anchors the sofa. This sectioning-off effect can also create a very cosy space in a much larger room, for a TV nook or family room for example.

Of course the main advantage to a corner sofa is that it won’t waste space – the end of the piece which would normally be against the wall with a traditional sofa becomes an extra seat with a corner arrangement. This means you can make the most of the available space without having to buy two separate sofas or a traditional three piece suite. You can also use rooms more fully if they have an awkward layout in terms of doors, windows and radiators by maximising the usable wall space.

If you are looking for a sofa that will last, corner sofas are usually very sleek, simple pieces with clean lines. Of course, you can customise them til your heart’s content – just have a look at some of our examples – but you can also rest assured that they are a piece of furniture that will fit in with any home, room or decor you might want to change over the years.

And speaking of fit, modular corner sofas mean you can fit your piece in just about anywhere. It can be arranged to suit whatever situation or layout it needs to be, even if you simply fancy changing the room up a bit.

And the most persuasive advantage of the corner sofa? They are extremely comfortable. Big enough for two people to lie out on for a cosy night in, for guests to sleep on what they drop in unexpectedly, or to seat a whole host of family cuddling up in front of the fire or TV, corner sofas are the luxurious choice.

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