Author: CWmarketing

Should you buy a corner sofa?

Corner sofas are great. There. Sometimes people worry that such a large piece of furniture dominating a room will be too much, but corner sofas are actually sleekly-disguised multitasks that work much harder than your average seating arrangement to convert a room from living space to a comfortable, attractive place to be. If you have…

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Keeping Sofa Beds Stylish

We need to talk about sofa beds.  Now don’t look like that.  If the words conjure up hard, cheap looking sofas, with a sparse inch of foam between you and the creaky bed mechanism or painful memories of a night spent rolling into the dipped middle of a lumpy bit of mattress, then you’re long…

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Choose a Chaise Longue

The name chaise longue might conjure up images of Victorian ladies reclining in endless gowns, Roman epicureans luxuriating at indulgent banquets, or stately homes where everything is fenced off with big red velvet ropes.  But when you translate the French name to its more simplistic ‘long chair,’ well it all starts to sound a big…

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