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Sofa beds are wonderful. We’d even go so far as to say they’re a necessity.  Not just great for guests, but also for those nights when you want to curl up in front of the television and watch a movie, someone’s sick and needs a separate bed, the kids want a sleepover at the last minute or even in a small apartment where space is at a premium and every piece of furniture has to pull double duty.  But finding a comfortable one can seem like an impossible task.  So how do you avoid restless nights on thin, lumpy mattresses or guests who end up squashed together in the middle of a saggy support?

Modern sofa beds have come a long way, in style, comfort and practicality.  Let’s start at the very beginning – make sure you’ve read our article on finding a sofa bed that compliments your home.  The next step is making sure the bed is as good as the sofa.  Open and close the bed mechanism several times.  Can you do it one-handed?  Is it easy and smooth?  Does the sofa stay stable on the floor or tip forward slightly?

Spend several minutes lying on the bed.  Is it stable or does it tip?  You need to be sure that the mattress will support you well, so consider whether foam or sprung is better as the choice is very individual.  Make sure the mattress is thick enough to do its job comfortably and all night.  Can you feel the mechanism underneath?  And with two people on, do you roll towards the middle or does it support you both well?  As a general rule, bed bases that have a combination of both slats and webbing will offer the best support whilst still being easy to open and close.

Close the sofa bed again and sit on it as a sofa.  The material of the upholstery will be an important factor in comfort.  Is it soft enough?  Are the arms the right height and providing the type of support you like?  Can you feel the bed mechanism when sitting?   Make sure that the sofa is as comfortable as one you would choose when looking for a non-bed version.  after all, it will spend most of its hours as a sofa, rather than a bed and if you can’t find one with a comfortable bed part, choose your perfect sofa and we will convert it into a sofa bed for you.  Just imagine, the ideal, comfortable sofa bed that fits perfectly with your style!

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